Invited Talk

Invited Talk 1 :

Design and Control for Linear Oscillatory Motion Motor/Generators

and Drives : An Overview

Linear motion industrial motor/generator drives have been widely applied in din industry till now, from the direct electromagnetic propulsion (in wheeled) or integrated with propulsion and suspension control in linear metro, MAGLEV vehicles, etc. One of the promising directions in the near future is Linear Oscillatory Motor/Generators for “direct” drives forward or backward with high efficiency, small space, long lifetime, etc, which can find greatly potential market in free piston Stirling linear compressors adopted to refrigerators, air-conditioners, EV range extenders, and so on. This speech will present comprehensive overview on the following topics:


(1) Application opportunities for linear oscillatory motion motor/generator (LOM/G) drives,

(2) Principal advantages and challenges in LOM/Gs,

(3) Competitive topologies of LOM/Gs with mechanical or implicit/cogging-force springs for resonant operation (at high efficiency): short stroke single phase and longer stroke 3 phase variants,

(4) Advanced analytical, numerical modeling and optimal design LOM/Gs recent progress with sample results,

(5) Advanced control strategies with and without linear encoders at constant (for compressors) and variable (for valves or car active suspensions) oscillation frequency, with sample results,

(6) High efficiency testing methodologies for LOM/G drives, with sample results, and so on.



Ion Boldea (IEEE Fellow, 1996) received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the Politehnica University of Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania, in 1967 and 1973, respectively.


He is currently a Professor Emeritus with the Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania. He worked and publisheextensively in linear and rotary electric machines, drives, and magnetic levitation vehicles, etc., where he is currently one IEEE Life Fellow. He has published numerous (20+) books in USA and U.K, with 8000+ entrances in libraries worldwide.


He spent in many periodic trips, in all more than 10 years, with Universities of Kentucky, Oregon, UT Dallas in USA, University of Glasgow in U.K, Aalborg University in Denmark etc. as visiting scholar since 1973 to present, in his search for knowledge and wisdom.


Dr. Boldea is a member of the IEEE-IAS Industrial Drives and Electric Machines Committees since 1992, hosted a few Special Issues of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, and was selected as IEEE-IAS Distinguished lecturer for 2008-2009. He held many distinguished lectures and intensive/tutorial courses (a few at IEEE mainstream conferences) ever since in USA, E.U (Italy, Aalborg, Denmark) and Brazil and held international annual consulting projects with industry in the last 40+ years. He supervised 20+ PhD students and many tens of M.S. students.


He has chaired the OPTIM International Biannual Conferences (IEEE-IAS sponsored) since 1996. Also, he founded and edits still the internet only international journal since 2000. He also co-founded, with a few former brilliant graduation students, in 1994 an engineering company, today with more than 150 electric engineers in industrial electric digital automation and automotive safety, with modern electric drives as the main enabling technology (more than 60MW, installed in various applications).


For contributions to design and control for electrical machines and drives, was elevated/awarded as Fellow of the Academy of Europe, Fellow of the Academy of Romania, IEEE Nikola Tesla Award, etc.