Invited Talk

Invited Talk 4:

Development and Application of Linear Motors in China

The linear motors can output the linear motion directly, which are suitable to Maglev train, high precision machine tool, semiconducting processing equipment, ropeless elevator and so on. This speech will present the development and application of linear motors in China, mainly including the following topics:


(1) Linear induction motors: structure design, FEM analysis, control method, and application. The application includes logistics device, low-speed maglev train, electromagnetic launcher, stereo garage, and so on.

(2) Linear synchronous motors: topology structures, analysis model, control method and application. The application includes high speed maglev train, machine tools, ropeless elevator, automatic equipment and so on.

(3) Primary PM linear motors: different topology structures, optimization design, analysis method, control method, potential applications.

(4) The development trend of linear motors in China.


Prof. Yunyue Ye graduated in Zhejiang University in 1978, and became Professor since 2000. His research area is about linear motor system. During the research, he spent a lot of time to realize the industry application of linear motors by cooperating with companies, especially the linear induction motors.


He has published nine books, 150+ papers, 30+ Chinese innovation patents. Since 2015, he is elected as chairman of the Professional Committee of Linear Motor, China Electrotechnical Society (CES).



Dr. Qinfen Lu is Full Professor with the College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, China. She is also the Vice-chairmen and Secretary-general of Professional Committee of Linear Motor, China Electrotechnical Society (CES). She has already taken charge of over 20 projects, published over 150 papers, and authorized 23 Chinese inventive patents. Her main researches include linear motors design and control, PM motors design and control, and the simulation of traction systems.