Invited Talk


Ion Boldea

Prof. Ion Boldea, IEEE Life Fellow
Dept of Electrical Engineering
University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania, EU

Jacek F. Gieras

Prof. Jacek F. Gieras, PhD, DSc, FIEEE
Dept of Electrical Engineering
UTP University of Sciences and Technology

What Is Wrong In Most Papers With The Equivalent Circuit For LIMs



Hiroyuki Ohsaki

Prof. Hiroyuki Ohsaki
Department of Advanced Energy
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
The University of Tokyo, Japan

History and Activities of the IEEJ Linear Drives Technical Committee–Some Recent Technology Trends of Linear Motors and Magnetic Levitation


Yunyue Ye

Prof. Yunyue Ye
College of Electrical Engineering
Zhejiang University

Research on Permanent Magnet Linear Machines with Primary Excitation


Liyi Li

Prof. Liyi Li, IEEE Senior Member 

“Yangtze Fund Scholar” Distinguished Professor

School of Electrical Engineering and Automation

Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)

Drive and Control Technology for High Precision Linear Servo System



Junyong Lu

Prof. Junyong Lu

National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Vessel Integrated Power System

Naval University of Engineering

Special Linear Motor Technology Applied in Pulse Power Area

Yunfeng He

Dr. Yunfeng He, Professorate senior engineer

Director of Maglev Product Research Institute of CRRC Zhuzhou Motor Co., Ltd

Application of Linear Motor in China's Rail Transit

Arbi G. Siraki

Dr. Arbi G. Siraki, A Licensed Professional Engineer

Director of Pod Hardware Engineering department at Virgin Hyperloop

Hyperloop, the New Mode of Transportation